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Gemar Lezeau

Hi, my name is Gemar Lezeau.

I am the Founder of Trojan FC, a youth soccer organization based out of Huntington Beach, California.

Trojan FC is Orange County's premier youth soccer academy. Our aim is to provide young players with the opportunity to develop and hone their skills and learn new techniques, all under the expert guidance and tuition from our experienced coaching staff. Being part of Trojan FC is more than about soccer.

We believe part of our remit is to build lifetime qualities such as character, fortitude, and a sense of fair play. Trojan FC is learning to play as a team, improving social interaction, boosting self confidence, and learning crucial leadership skills. Traits that, we firmly believe, will stand alumni in good stead for whatever the future may hold for them. Our club focuses on player development along with character development, making sure that we do not only develop great athletes, but help develop great people for the future.

Our club believes that a great youth soccer experience shouldn't cost a fortune for a family each year and thus we are amongst the cheapest competitive clubs in all of California.

To keep our prices down, we work hard to fundraise so that our families are able to afford this experience and their children are able to get all they need to be great soccer players. We strive to give all children the opportunity to be great and compete with organizations that don't share that same passion, unfortunately.

We are fundraising to help keep our organization affordable for all families, while continuing to give the high level, professional experience these young athletes all deserve. Thank you!

Kind Regards,

Gemar Lezeau

Trojan FC: Fundraiser Options

The fundraiser is open from now until midnight Pacific Time on December 29.
On December 30 at 6PM Pacific Time, we will be doing a live drawing of the results on Instagram live and Facebook live.


$10 - $90 DONATIONS


60 minute Massage for two at a top tier spa in the winner's local area & a copy of Letters to My Bipolar Self, written by Glenda Lezeau (see details below)

True Value: $250 - $400

Every $10 interval is 10 entries
(eg: $40 is 40 entries)



$100 - $300 DONATIONS


2 lower bowl tickets (section 100 and below) to a game of your favorite sports team anywhere in the world (playoffs and finals not included)

An autographed basketball from Lakers Rising Star Scottie Pippen Jr.

True Value: $500 - $2,500

Every $20 interval is 20 entries
(ex: $160 is 80 entries)





Big Island Bliss Vacation Package for 4 (Hawaii)
(click here for details)

True Value: $3,850

Every $50 interval is 50 entries
(eg: $500 is 150 entries)

Can also be purchase outright for a discounted price of $2,750


"Letters To My Bipolar Self"

by Glenda Lezeau
Curl up with these fifty letters that prove self-love is possible despite any odds.

This wonderful series of letters the author wrote to herself documents her life living with bipolar. Discover her powerful expressions of self-love despite her symptoms and bask in the loving, empowering tone of these messages.

The care taken to treat herself with kindness and love is nothing if not inspiring and reminds us all to be a little more careful how we talk and think about ourselves.

You’ll feel as if these letters are written for you, dear reader, and you’ll undoubtedly find comfort in these words. Perfect reading for any mood, this book makes a great companion to a steaming cup of tea and your favorite music. Use the included blank pages for introspection, notes to yourself, and whatever inspiration strikes you.

Big Island Bliss Vacation

4-night stay for four guests in a Bali-style beach house on the shores of Hawaii’s Big Island.