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Trojan FC Partners with Trace to Strengthen Player Development Within Program

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ORANGE COUNTY, CA + AUSTIN, TX (FEBRUARY 4TH, 2020) – Trojan FC and Trace are delighted to announce a partnership for the 2021-22 season. Trace’s game film system will help provide data-driven value to the newly formed program. In their first year, Trojan FC teams will utilize the Trace platform to automatically film games, be able to create shareable recruiting profiles with Trace iD, and receive custom Trace Workshops for both players and coaches.

“We at Trojan FC believe Trace will benefit our athletes in that they will be able to individually study film more efficiently, as well as together in a team setting,” says Gemar Lezeau, Founder of Trojan FC. “Having this technology allows us to better prepare for the opponent ahead and grow our own game by better understanding what makes us great. We are excited to begin this partnership with Trace and become a better club for the future of the game.”

Through partnering with Trace, Trojan FC will be able to provide its players and coaches with tools for consistent development. With personalized Moments created for each player after every game, coaches have the ability to incorporate 1-on-1 film review opportunities and even coaching analysis into their curriculum. Players are then able to save their best Moments to Trace iD to send to college coaches across the country.

As video becomes more crucial than ever for player development and recruiting, Trojan FC understands that finding and implementing the right filming solution is key. With the average Trace game receiving over 1,600 moment views, both coaches and players continue to find value in the Trace system.

Trojan FC joins over 50 other clubs and organizations that have partnered with Trace for a large scale adoption within their organization.

About Trace: Trace is a sports technology company that is changing the way teams and clubs film and consume soccer video. Trace uses a robot camera, GPS sensors, and powerful software to film the game and create moments for every player automatically. With Trace, coaching, player development, and recruiting are seamless.

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Contact: Maggy Mahalick | Director of Strategic Partnerships [email protected]

About Trojan FC: Trojan FC is a brand new club who prides itself on the development of well-rounded individuals that are prepared for life beyond the field, and value the benefits of education in an athlete’s journey. Trojan FC athletes will be molded to the best of their ability to act and think on their own when on the pitch. The club will focus on player development along with character development, making sure that they not only develop great athletes, but help develop great people for the future.

Contact: Gemar Lezeau | Founder of Trojan FC  [email protected]